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Beginner Courses


You can book our courses via Eversports. To do this, you will be redirected to Eversports when you book the course and have to create a customer account there.



- Our courses take place in Neunkirchen (Wiebelskirchen).
If you can't find a parking space in front of the dance school, you can drive through the street "In der Ohlenbach" to the end. There you can park for free in front of the sports hall.

You need a yoga mat to warm up. If you don't have a yoga mat,

please bring a large towel and we will lend you a mat.


Also a small towel to wipe your hands and the pole.


You can bring something to drink with you or buy it on site.


Please do not apply lotion in the morning before the course :)


In cold weather you need long pants to warm up, shorts (hot pants, bikini bottoms, surf shorts or similar) and a short-sleeved/sleeveless shirt for dancing and socks, dance slippers or nothing at all for your feet ;)


Jewelery must be removed for training so as not to scratch the bar.


We are currently not subject to any corona restrictions